Friday, January 06, 2012

Getting Away

Boots has already written to Granny and Grandpa about our trip away so here are some pictures.

We stopped on the way to look at the Rollright Stones. Despite living in Oxfordshire for many many years I have never been. I did once take a trip around the Cotswolds and stopped for a short walk around Little Rollright village but as time (and the company) was tight I didn’t stop long. I did however tell myself I would return but for some reason I haven’t ever quite made it, until this trip.  Parking the car is easy and the stones are just over the hedge.


These flowers tell an untold story


They remind me of a post 8ch made about some flowers he found in a quiet place in 2010 here 

A short walk leads to the whispering giants; I grew fond of the one on the right – it was rather like a curled up version of a figure of my childhood.


Our shadows came for a walk 


and we stood and we watched



The hotel room had a lovely bath (I even used it)


and pre dinner drinks in the library



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