Monday, June 30, 2008

The Holiday: Photos

I was getting serious cabin fever, so having the opportunity to spend a week away from the office, I was really looking forward to spending some time in a *house*. The apartment we chose was set in a vineyard and was nothing short of delightful, the gardens were absolutely teaming with wildlife, and badgers and foxes came to the patio each evening.

Apart from a hiccup in the middle, the holiday was just what I needed, being away from my normal surroundings gave me the time to rest and recuperate, and Worcester has some lovely sights! I was totally smitten with Witley Court:

And the local parish church:

and the middle of this hedge at Hanbury Hall. I love navigating around places inside the hedges, they are such peaceful places to be:

I was rather alarmed to be reminded of my godparent duties...

the signs on the barrels reads:

I thought the angels on Lord Lyttelton (1817-76)tomb in Worcester Cathedral were glorious:

The highlight of the week was definitely the steam train. I just love steam.

I like bikes too....


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