Thursday, November 29, 2007

Amputational Advances

There are quite a few things that excite me, but today I came across more researched geared towards the amputee. The very idea that it is now possible to link an artificial limp to areas of the brain, and thus give the individual an 'experience' around the limb, even to move it and be able to use it with the power of thought is fascinating. It doesn't stop there, now scientists have been able to restore the sense of touch see here. Losing a limb must be a horrific ordeal in itself, and to live with an artificial limb is not an easy process not least because of the risk of infections where the artificial joins the flesh. If advances such as these continue, I imagine it will make a huge impact on this community. Hurrah. Where technology and science meet in this way not only astounds me, but also delights me.


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