Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend: Saturday

I had a royal visit from the parental unit this weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed, parents are smashing people and I recommend them to everyone.

On Saturday we strolled around Lechlade where I bought another pewter tankard from a junk shop, and after raiding the local supermarket for nosh we went to Coleshill to examine the ruins there. Sadly there were none, so we had a picnic in the churchyard and Dad blagged the key to the church tower and up we went to view our surroundings:

There is something very satisfying about climbing up through the bell tower.

After dining we headed over to Buscot Park (home of the faringdon collection) to look around.

It is a fabulous place to visit! The house is very homely, and the gardens sport fabulous views inter dispersed with lovely 'rooms'

and the kitchen garden is a mass of flower beds with veg and fruit growing amongst them


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