Friday, August 10, 2007

Friends are Great!!!!

On tuesday evening I visited weeping cross and took my washing with me. Unfortunately I forgot it when I left on wednesday. Last night I went to a dinner party with Miss T and Pie Eater which weepingcross was also attending so I asked him to bring my washing with him. The conversation went something like this when weeping cross arrived at the front door to be greeted by Miss T.

Weeping Cross: here is bones' washing
Miss T: lovely, I'll put it on later
Weeping Cross: no, it's clean
Miss T: oh right, you'd better put it upstairs.

This tickles me pink, I wonder how many people think it is normal for someone to take someone else's washing to a dinner party AND for the host to think that is perfectly normal, and offer to do it later. Brilliance!

In the meantime I now have a bag of lovely clean washing. Thank you!


Blogger Whitewater said...

I am off to see friends this weeekend. Until I got my own washing machine,as soon as I came through the door I as offered a beer and told the washing machine was free, in case I had any washing with me. So it's not that strange i'm afraid

4:18 PM  
Blogger Miss T said...

Sweetie - you are welcome to come and use any of our facilities 8-).

Pics of our little soiree can be found here:

4:37 PM  
Anonymous weepingcross said...

'Lovely' wasn't Miss T's first word, I think.

5:24 PM  

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