Monday, August 27, 2007

Boating Holidays

Last year I decided to take the boat out on my first official boating holiday, but unforutunately broke my thumb after a boaters banter which re-routed my holiday into various hospital waiting rooms, and launched me into the realm of the one handed boating - which the River Wey is NOT designed for.

This year I have taken a few boating trips and during the current visit to Maffis boat I have closely examined a dead heron; drank beer at lunchtime (and promptly had to sleep it off); followed a wide beam down the canal with a VERY shouty father and 4 delightful kids whose names we knew before we saw the boat; eaten delicious food and played the piano in a local church. This, I think, can officially be called a boat holiday, and perhaps my first. I am now trying to pluck up the courage to return to the thatched cottage behind the mooring to see whether they will sell some of their delicious garden apples to me. I did go earlier but their dog looked like it was going to devour me so I bravely sloped away.

We should be in Hungerford tomorrow, where Maffi claims he will have his hair cut - I am rather dissappointed as he is looking more like 'cousin IT' from the Addams Family as the hours pass. Kim has baked some cakes, and although I haven't seen them yet I have heard exclamations from the kitchen commenting on how they are sloping to one side... I like the idea of using baking to check the distribution of ones ballast.


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