Friday, September 01, 2006

Marina verses linear moorings

As I have been unable to do either cruising or DIY with my broken thumb, I have been stuck on my mooring which happens to be in a Marina. During this time I have been reflecting on my current mooring and my previous mooring, with a previous boat when I was on the Oxford 'continuously cruising'.
The marina mooring has been super over the last year, not least because I have been able to stay in one place and do a huge amount of DIY, and with running water close by I was able to live without facilities for several months while I got them working. In addition the car park was secure and close to the boat which meant I didn't have to walk miles to carry wood/cabinets/floor/everything to the boat. However, my boat is now functional (as my cruise a couple of weeks ago demonstrated), and I really want to be out there on the water. Yet - I AM on the water.

Marina berths are excellent for security and the like, but there doesn't seem to be that feeling of being part of the waterways nature as I did on the Oxford. Linear moorings lend themselves to a rather more integrated feeling with the world around one.

I am itching to be out and about so when my thumb is up for it I am going to fix a central line on the boat and just get going. It is too easy to treat the boat like a home rather than a privilaged presence amongst the water wildlife when moored in a marina, and I am slipping into that. I long for the inconvenience of knowing where to moor tomorrow, whether the boat is still where i left it when I return from work.

I suspect after a month or two I will be sick of it and heading straight back to the marina before the winter stoppages!!!!!!!!!!


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