Monday, February 09, 2015

When I retire I will steal hats

I have been pottering about in radio silence for over a month now.  I am rather enjoying my current mooring spot which has no internet and somewhat sparse phone signal.  In the tree nearby there sits an owl.  Under the tree with an owl in it sits a boat. In the boat there are two people.  The tree seems to have a mind of it's own, as does the owl and so, of course, do the people.  I have been wondering about this menagerie and every now and again a story forms in my mind about the tree, the boat and the people - but I never quite know what the owl is doing and the owl never features in these stories I make up; there is a void, an absence where the owl should be.  I wondered what the owl is doing, and why it never seems to be in my stories.
It turns out the owl is doing its own stuff and doesn't need my stories.
 Read about it here

Edit - the link is about an aggressive owl that is steeling the hats from passers by.  Here it is copied and pasted from this link

Some believe the owl is collecting the hats to make a nest

At least four people have been attacked by an owl over the past
month in Salem,Oregon, prompting officials to issue warnings to
early morning joggers and park visitors.  One jogger said the owl
whacked him so hard he thought he was having a stroke.
According to Reuters, signs near Bush’s Pasture Park now warn
people to avoid jogging before dawn or to consider putting on a
hard hat. Members of a bird conservancy group believe a barred
owl is responsible, a species notorious for crowding out the
smaller, endangered spotted owl. The owl could be
more aggressive because of nesting season – it is believed to be
collecting hats for its nest.
No one has been seriously hurt in any of the incidents, but the
city’s parks superintendentsaid officials have never heard of a case
like it before.


Blogger John Witts said...

If the boat in question was pea-green and also had a pussy cat on it, then I would worry......

But "The Owl and the Milliner.....".

Now there's a title.


7:34 PM  
Blogger eeyore said...

I wish I knew where you are. I love watching owls but am not very good at finding them. To know where they roost is very orecious information. I am sure that you are not in Salem, Oregon!

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Claire B said...

I couldn't read further as your link was broken....sad times! I hope that the owl is making his own adventures without the need of your help!
Perhaps the people in the boat are Russian spies?

12:37 PM  

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