Friday, May 31, 2013

Pulling, punting towing

The world is stunningly green at the moment, and if there were any part of the Oxford that is in full splendour in the green it is the Enslow to Lower Heyford stretch.  It was stunningly beautiful.


The smells are good to


The 48hour mooring signs are back at the quarry after several years missing without trace.  I hope they are sturdy as they could be great mooring posts.


and then the pictures stop.

Dashwood lock came but it did not go. Instead there was a bit of a clatter and a bang followed by a kaput.


The first boat to tow us was totally unsuitable and although they were doing us a favour towing, I really wasn’t sorry to lose them. 

We thought we should get a larger boat to tow us to stop us pushing them into the hedges and other canal attributes . It was an afternoon for little boats and a little boat said they would tow us. They were adorable, and not just because they towed us.  Bloomin’ good on the tiller and very good humoured about all sorts of things.  In no time we were safely moored up with a gear box/driveplate/ kaput to fix. Not my boat, fortunately; indeed it is so not my boat that I doubt I will even be on tea duty while the mechanic extraordinair throws his spanners around the engine room.  It will, hopefully, not be a difficult and expensive fix.

Once moored up and farewells of gratitude were offered we were invited to supper by two friend who had also just moored up.  What a treat to relax and recover.  Boots was doubly excited as he was able to lounge on the sofa for the evening looking regal.


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