Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas banter

Dad: let's have our meal a little later tomorrow..say 4pm? We can have nibbles at lunchtime.

Me: that sounds great

*pregnant pause*

Me: have we got nibbles?

Dad: ah. No, we don't.

Me: that could be awkward

Dad: yes, I suppose it could be.



I was standing by the cooker creating our latest offering to the charcoal gods when a large spider loomed from underneath the appliance.

Me: look, a huge spider

Dad: oh yes, we aren't keen on spiders, I will remove him.

With that dad picked up the spider, walked him across the other side of the room and placed him under the dresser

Dad (responding to quizzical look from me): it seems a shame to put him outside in this weather

Me: well, it is christmas.

Spider continues strolling around by the dresser having enjoyed the free lift across the room.



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