Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Five Choirs Concert

What a wonderful weekend!

After work on Friday I scooted round the motorways down to Surrey to visit friends.  Whereupon we ate very well indeed.  We all wondered, at one point, whether we would have time to do anything as eating seemed to lead into coffee and into more eating!

We did find time to venture through the wilds of the town and Saturday afternoon saw us at the fair – an event that found me suitably nervous as the Kangaroo Gymnastics display team went about their leaping over cars and things. #

It reminded me of our trip to see Spelbound.  Having been informed by the lovely cleaners (and Nathan) about their performance on Britain's got talent we went to see them (but without Nathan) when they came to Oxford – it was amazing, utterly! 

On Saturday evening we went to the most amazing concert held in honour of Christine who was, until recently, the Director of Music to thank her for all that she has given to community and the five choirs who sang for us.

The atomoshphere was amazing. Christine clearly enjoyed herself (as did everyone else). The primary school choir was amazing as it rocked and jazzed it’s way through some complicated and fun music.  When the choirs all came together and sang O Fortuna (‘Carmina Burana’) it was utterly stunning.

It was a wonderful weekend of meeting up with many people I knew of old.  As I walked through the arches I felt that I had arrived home, because when I lived there it was just that – home.

Wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful memories.

And my friends had a bath.  Even better!


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Were they smelly then?


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