Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where did the time go?

Since last Friday I have been run off my feet doing glorious things! On Saturday Maffi and I went to the ancestral seat to do the annual dig of the vegetable patch. It went rather well considering it was raining. Ma had some spare cake for us at lunchtime:

On Sunday I had to juggle the boat around so Mark Paris could do some welding for me in the bedroom. Maffi co-ordinated it all for me on Monday while I was gallivanting around in College. The results are fantastic! Mark has made and welded on two brackets for the bed mechanism:

The steel work has all been vactaned, so Maffi painted the metal work with some paint I have been storing under the front deck 'just in case'. The bedroom is now a delightful pillar box red:

Yesterday morning the wood arrived for the floor, and Maffi spent the day sawing it into the correct size for the floor. Now I am back in action we will be able to get the wood to line out the bedroom, build the bed box, and construct the wardrobe. Happy days and exciting times!

I thought Bones looked very tranquil yesterday resting in the sunrise:


Blogger Halfie said...

I see you're on the new mooring - how is it? And (after illness) I've finally written up my recent visit.

12:35 PM  

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