Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Steps

So, I have finally emailed a place about seeing the countryside from the saddle during the trip to the country. Himself (who got the short straw of coming on holiday with me) tells me we have to go horse riding, and as I plan to bore him to tears with reading and steam stuff I think I should be willing.

on Last time I went horse riding was on Victoria's horse. It was HUGE and made me sneeze. Indeed, I sneezed so much I couldn't see, and the horse decided to give me a tour of the village with Victoria peddling furiously behind me trying to keep up issuing all sorts of orders that made no difference to me or the equine involved. Thankfully the ordeal ended outside the SPAR shop, and I had a fizzy sherbet to recover.

The other time was when my darling sister decided I should go horse jumping. I suppose I was the ideal candidate on which to try out some 'teaching'. She whacked the derriere (of the horse Kh!), I gripped tight, sat up straight did everything I was meant to do and the horse, which was rather resilient to my clinging on for dear life, jumped beautifully. In my head my sister was standing at the beginning of the course dead proud at how her little sibling had triumphed. I think she was probably giggling.

The other time I remember well was lunging, or whatever it is called. She (the sister) stood in the middle, I sat on the horse without a saddle or reins, and the horse was encouraged by some rope or something to go around in circles. I then had to wiggle around and try and swing around the belly of the horse, or something. All I remember is how life was a bit too exciting when there are four hoofs nearer your head than feet.


Anonymous kh said...

Might I come back as a horse? ?

12:27 AM  
Anonymous bottle said...

"horse jumping" WOW!!! you must be fit to be able to jump a horse. ;)

7:29 AM  

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