Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not doing the beans.

Once again the annual trek to do the broad beans has involved staring at the mass and rejoicing. They are not ripe.  We even came a week later to show willing, but still they are not ripe.    Unfortunately I got my weekends confused, so not only are the beans not ripe, but I am missing one of my favourite boating events of the year - Braunston!  One of our team is gallivanting around London, but the other has made it and is busying around post-script hand in for her course.  It is great to catch up and hear about life in the city.

without beans to menace I had a go at trimming the hedges -

The strawberry crop is HUGE so we are busy working our way through pans and pans of strawberries. When my hands stop vibrating I will freeze some and make sorbet (that's when I work out how long it will keep) with the others.  Until then they can sit in my fizz 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The garden looks beautiful, so does the strawberry fizz.
nb Oakfield

12:19 PM  
Blogger belle said...

*Wail!* I missed this!! *Wail*

6:46 PM  

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